video conference mediation and facilitation for any dispute


Our focus on providing online dispute-resolution services is two-fold.  First, we make the process easy for participants.  Just call or email, and we will take it from there.  Second, we strive to provide a service that saves attorneys and clients time and money. By avoiding motion practice and court appearances, attorneys and clients benefit.

We accomplish our goal of easy and affordable dispute resolution by (1) giving the participants the ability to define all things involving the  scope of mediation, (2) having open availability that fits within your needs, and (3) setting the cost based on the length of the video conference (plus any prep time as desired by the participants).

We handle all sizes of disputes - from minor to large.  But keep in mind there is a one-half hour minimum for this service.

All video mediation services are subject to the applicable confidential and privilege provisions found in MCR 2.403(J)(3), MCR 2.411, MCR 2.412, and MRE 408.

How it Works


First, call or email us. We will schedule a conference time and email participants a Video Mediation Agreement. Execute the Agreement and return it to us (scanning is fine). Once the executed Agreement is returned, we will email you a link that you click on at the time of the meeting.  It's that easy.

Easy to Participate


We use Zoom video conferencing software because it provides many nice features (such as security, whiteboarding, caucusing, and screen sharing ) and it is no additional cost to participants.  Zoom allows you to participate from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  Learn more here:

Benefits of video-based mediation and facilitation


Participate from where you choose, when you choose.

There is no need to appear in court.  You can participate from your office, home, or client's place of business.

When we receive a request, we strive to  expeditiously schedule video mediation conferences. Even if you need same-day or next-day services, we will work hard to accommodate you.


Save Time and Money - Discovery Facilitator

If you are facing discovery issues, before you take the time to draft a motion, contact us to set up a video facilitation on your issue.  We will strive to work out a solution that both sides can live with without the need to file a motion and appear in court. This applies to any type of dispute.

Call before filing your motion.


Comply with Proposed Changes to Michigan's Court Rules

The Michigan Supreme Court has proposed changes to the Court Rules that requires attorneys to meet-and-confer about certain discovery disputes.  See proposed changes to MCR 2.401(C) and MCR 2.401(H)(2)(n):

Participating in an online mediation regarding such issues complies with these proposed requirements.

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